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Intent 1:

To limit the probably that a heating, ventilating or air-conditioning system will be designed and installed without the necessary controls capable of

  • shutting down fan systems, heating and cooling equipment and/or auxiliaries, where appropriate, when the space does not require conditioning,
  • setting back the space-heating temperature set-point when appropriate for operational needs,
  • setting up the space-cooling temperature set-point when cooling system operation is required during periods when the space is not in use,
  • reducing or shutting off outdoor air intake during heating or cooling system operation when the space is not in use, which could lead to the unnecessary use of heating or cooling energy to temper outside air, and
  • in the case of heat pumps, temporarily suppressing electrical back-up or adaptive anticipation of the recovery point, which could lead to the unit resorting to supplementary heat at the time of recovery.

This is to limit the probability of unnecessary consumption of energy for heating and cooling, which could lead to excessive use of energy, which could lead to an unacceptable effect on the environment.

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