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OS2 Structural Safety



Intent 1:

To limit the probability of using incorrect assumptions regarding below-ground environmental loads, such as temperature, vapour pressure, hydrostatic pressure, and soil gas concentrations, in the design of environmental separators, which could lead to inadequate performance or premature failure under expected environmental or structural loads.

This is to limit the probability of:

  • compromised integrity of supporting soils,
  • reaction with contaminants and chemicals in the soil,
  • condensation, or
  • moisture ingress from the ground.

This is to limit the probability of:

  • deterioration, which could lead to compromised structural integrity of the separators or of elements supported or protected by the separators, and
  • the freezing of soils on which foundations bear, which could lead to the displacement of structural elements.

This is to limit the probability of structural failure, which could lead to harm to persons.

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