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OP2 Structural Sufficiency of the Building


(a),(b) [F60,F61-OP2.3,OP2.4]
(c) [F52-OP2.3]


Intent 1:

To limit the probability of:

  • [Clauses and] silting-up of the sump pit, which could lead to the ingress of moisture from the ground, or
  • [Clause] excessive moisture transfer from the sump pit into interior spaces, which could lead to high relative humidity.

This is to limit the probability of:

  • compromised structural integrity of foundation walls and basement floors, or of elements supported by the walls or floors, or
  • deterioration, which could lead to compromised integrity of elements supported or protected by exterior foundation walls.

This is to limit the probability of:

  • the space being unsuitable for its intended use, or
  • damage to the building.
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