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OP2 Structural Sufficiency of the Building


[F20-OP2.3]Applies where wood-frame floors-on-ground serve as an environmental separator.


Intent 1:

To limit the probability that the structural performance of floors-on-ground will fall significantly below expectations, which could lead to an inadequate resistance to gravity loads or lateral soil loads, which could lead to damage to floors or foundation walls.

This is to limit the probability of compromised structural integrity, which could lead to:

  • structural failure,
  • where wood-frame floors serve as an environmental separator, the displacement or failure of required environmental separation elements, which could lead to the deterioration of building elements, or
  • an inability to resist expected loads, which could lead to
    • the excessive deformation or deflection of walls, and
    • the excessive deflection or vibration of floors.

This is to limit the probability of

  • the space being unsuitable for its intended use, or
  • damage to the building.
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