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OP2 Structural Sufficiency of the Building



Intent 1:

To limit the probability that:

  • the distribution of wind load over surface areas of a building will not take into account the expected distribution of maximum wind pressures on the surface areas, including probable uniform as well as non-uniform distribution due to wind turbulence and wind direction, and
  • the distribution of wind load along the two principal horizontal axes of a building will not take into account the effects of expected maximum winds from all directions.

This is to limit the probability that the high forces in critical structural elements (e.g. structural columns sensitive to building torsion, web diagonals of roof trusses) will be undervalued in the calculations, which could lead to:

  • the excessive deformation of the building structure, or excessive stress in structural elements, which could lead to damage to the building, or
  • the excessive deflection of the building structure, which could impede the intended use and occupancy of the building.
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