1. OH1


OH1 Indoor Conditions



Intent 1:

To limit the probability that an inadequate resistance to moisture or corrosion will lead to condensation in ducts due to contact with wet soil or other sources of moisture, which could lead to the deterioration and collapse of ducts, which could lead to a reduction in airflow, which could lead to:

  • the inadequate control of:
    • relative humidity or indoor air temperatures,
    • surface temperatures, or
    • air velocity, or
  • an inability to maintain adequate indoor air temperatures, which could lead to the condensation of moisture from interior spaces on interior surfaces or within assemblies, which could lead to compromised integrity of environmental separators or of elements protected by such separators.

This is to limit the probability of:

  • negative effects on the air quality of indoor spaces, and
  • the inadequate thermal comfort of persons.

This is to limit the probability of harm to persons.

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