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OS3 Safety in Use


[F20,F21,F61-OS3.1]Applies to floors and elements that support floors.


Intent 1:

To limit the probability of:

  • an excessively high cement/aggregate ratio, which could lead to poor workability, excessive compressive strength and attendant high shrinkage, which could lead to tensile stresses and cracking of mortar or masonry units, or
  • an excessively low cement/aggregate ratio, which could lead to weak, porous mortar and inadequate bonding with masonry units.

This is to limit the probability of:

  • compromised structural integrity of masonry construction,
  • where masonry construction is part of an environmental separator, the displacement or failure of required environmental separation elements, which could lead to deterioration,
  • in assemblies exposed to moisture or the exterior, damage and deterioration, or
  • an inability to resist expected loads, which could lead to excessive deflection or vibration of floors.

For floors and elements supporting floors, this is to limit the probability of persons losing their balance, tripping or falling, which could lead to harm to persons.

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