1. OH1


OH1 Indoor Conditions



Intent 1:

To limit the probability that:

  • the properties of the granular material will be inadequate,
  • the location, size and configuration of radon extraction pipes will be inadequate,
  • the pipe opening within the gravel will be blocked,
  • the airtight seal will not be provided or will be inadequate, or
  • the pipes will be used for purposes other than radon extraction.

This is to limit the probability that:

  • depressurization of the space between the air barrier and the ground will be ineffective, and
  • radon will enter the conditioned space of a building.

This is to limit the probability of high concentrations of radon inside buildings, which could lead to negative effects on the air quality of indoor spaces, which could lead to harm to persons.

Intent 2:

[Clause (a)] To direct Code users to Sentence for requirements regarding the installation of granular material below floors-on-ground.

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