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OS1 Fire Safety



Intent 1:

To clarify that:

  • the requirements of Sentence, which require that all party walls be constructed as firewalls, also applies to situations where buildings of residential occupancy contain more than 2 houses, and
  • the permission to construct the party wall as a fire separation having not less than a 1 h fire-resistance rating is limited to situations where fewer than 2 houses with a secondary suite are adjacent to each other, on the basis that this is restricted to buildings that are limited in height in which evacuation can be expected to be relatively quick and that the occupant load is smaller than what would be expected in a duplex.

This [the measure] is to limit the probability that fire will spread from one part of a building of residential occupancy containing more than 2 houses to the rest of the building, which could lead to harm to persons in the dwelling unit not originally involved in the fire.

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