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OH4 Vibration and Deflection Limitation


[F21,F80-OH4]Applies to floors and elements that support floors.


Intent 1:

To limit the probability of the entrapment of moisture inside closed building envelopes, which could lead to:

  • excessive post-installation shrinkage and warping,
  • wood decay, which could lead to a loss of lumber strength, or
  • the exposure of other materials that are moisture-sensitive and susceptible to decay to high moisture levels and decay fungi.

This is to limit the probability of:

  • compromised structural integrity, or
  • where lumber supports or is used in an environmental separator, the displacement or failure of required environmental separation elements, which could lead to the deterioration of building elements, which could lead to compromised structural integrity.

This is to limit the probability of:

  • the excessive deformation of walls, ceilings and roofs, and
  • deflection or vibration of floors.

This is to limit the probability of negative effects on the psychological well-being of persons.

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