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OS2 Structural Safety



Intent 1:

To limit the probability that the performance of drain tiles or drain pipes will fall significantly below expectations, with respect to:

  • strength (e.g. tensile, compressive, impact, hydrostatic, flexural),
  • resistance to deterioration (e.g. due to freeze-thaw stresses, chemical attack, corrosion),
  • the integrity of connections, or
  • permeance (of perforated products).

This is to limit the probability of excessive moisture loading on foundation walls and basement floors.

This is to limit the probability of the ingress of moisture from the ground, which could lead to:

  • compromised structural integrity of foundation walls and basement floors, or of elements supported by the walls or floors, or
  • deterioration, which could lead to compromised integrity of elements supported or protected by exterior foundation walls.

This is to limit the probability of harm to persons.

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