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OP2 Structural Sufficiency of the Building



Intent 1:

To limit the probability of insufficient contact area between mortar and masonry veneer, which could lead to:

  • the wall being unable to support its own weight or lateral loads,
  • insufficient bonding area between ties and mortar, or
  • insufficient bond strength between masonry units.

This is to limit the probability of:

  • compromised structural integrity of masonry construction,
  • where masonry construction is part of an environmental separator, the displacement or failure of required environmental separation elements, which could lead to deterioration,
  • in assemblies exposed to moisture or the exterior, damage and deterioration, or
  • an inability to resist expected loads, which could lead to:
    • the excessive movement or deformation of walls, or
    • the excessive deflection or vibration of floors.

This is to limit the probability of:

  • the space being unsuitable for its intended use,
  • compromised operation of windows or doors, or
  • damage to the building.
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